Hello there

Looks like all I have left to do is give this blog some content. So! Have a picture of my latest toy while I get distracted by the DCUO beta crashing on my PS3 and fail to write something more substantial.

Photo of my copy of my Batman Beyond limited edition set. Against carpet.

Batman Jnr


The latest package that arrived on my doorstep (and my finishing my degree present to myself). I only saw this show recently, and while I’m not usually a fan of kid’s shows, the Batman vs cyberpunk feel to it made it a hell of a lot of fun. The conversations between an old Bruce Wayne and Terry McGuinness was just icing on the cake.

This sits in the top shelf of my lounge room shelves next to matching set of Batman: The Animated Series and my (not matching but still awesome) JLU set and Farscape dvds. The special shelf of awesomeness awesometimes.


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