A quick post at Christmas

It should be noted that the following post not a shill, just an expression of awe.

Disclaimer out of the way, people should check out this beautiful handmade book at Papaveria Press.

This story was written by a friend-of-a-friend I had the good fortune to meet when she visited Australia last year. She mentioned on her blog that she was asked about having her story published as a handmade book.

The book itself is so beautiful. I am in awe of the bookmaker’s skill, jealous of my friend for having her story being chosen to be published in handmade form and upset that I am too poor to buy it.

My friend having her story published has been my introduction into the idea of handmade limited-run publishing. I’m fascinated and wondering how widespread this form of publishing (or is it more of a craft?) is and if there is a comics equivalent.

Hopefully when I have more money I’ll be able to do more than ogle this art form. Unfortunately that will probably be a long time after this book has been sold.

(Detailed posts about my Christmas holiday and the comics I read will come later when I have reliable internet again.)


2 thoughts on “A quick post at Christmas

  1. Thanks for the mention and the compliments on the book! If you have any questions, you’ve now got my email. Hope you had a good holiday. :)

    • No worries! The compliments are completely deserved though, I don’t pass out compliments that easily, unless I am actually impressed.

      My holiday was lovely, hope yours were/are similar.

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