I think I’m a couple of days late but the latest Batman: Arkham City video trailer made me shout out with glee when I saw it, scaring the shit out of my neurotic cat in the process. Topless Robot is right on the money when he says:

I think it’s safe to say that Batman: Arkham City won’t just be the greatest Batman videogame of all time, or the best comic videogame of all time, or even the best videogame of all time. I think we can go ahead and call it THE GREATEST ACHIEVEMENT MANKIND HAS EVER OR WILL EVER PRODUCE. Although even that seems to be short-selling it a bit.

In the past six months  my gaming time has been split between three games on the PS2/PS3. Those games are LEGO Batman, Batman: Arham Asylum and DC Universe Online. So, you can probably see the pattern and tell why I’m so excited. This has been partly mostly because I’m a massive Batman nerd, but also partly because I decided to learn how to console game (after over a decade of only really PC gaming) and partly because my access to the desktop machine in the house was reduced when my partner discovered playing LoL, leaving me with only my laptop. And well, playing FPS’s on a laptop? Is arse.

According to the Arkham City website Australia’s release date is the 19th of October. So people won’t see much of me for a few days after that.

[via Topless Robot]


One thought on “FUCK YEAH

  1. Hee, I wondered if you’d seen the trailer. I meant to alert you to it but things have been too busy.

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