My Little Wolverina

A few of my friends have recently become a little obsessed with the new My Little Pony tv show that seems to be incredibly popular with both little girls, 4chan, Something Awful and the rest of the internet. While I think it’s great that this new show has managed to prove that girl-shows DO sell and get ratings, that boys WILL enjoy a well-written show even if it stars and is primarily aimed at girls and that tv for children can also be well written and entertaining… It’s still a bloody show aimed very clearly at children, with simplistic situations, annoying feel-good vibes over everything and fucking irritating black and white moral situations. So, as I do not have children, and have limited interest in watching children’s tv at the best of times, it is not a show for me.

Let me be clear about this though: I’m okay with acknowledging that the show is very good and that I would rather smash up another motorcycle then to have to watch another episode ever again.

In any case one of these friends, penchaft decided to draw quick sketches of people as MLPs on request. People requested me on twitter while I was at the pub.

A pony representation of Wolverina

It's quite punk

I feel like my opinions on the matter, as well as my total awesomeness have been captured perfectly.


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