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I’ve been reading a fair bit recently. Unfortunately I was mostly on a… critical theory, I guess you’d call it binge. This means lots of philosophy and english literature podcasts, lots of time on wikipedia and reading very 101-type books like Sophie’s World and many many feminist and queer articles. Of course I still barely feel I understand this subject so I’m not comfortable writing about them. I am pleased with how much I’m learning and how the theory is helping my understanding of the media I consume.

So it’s possible I’m missing being an English student a little. :P

Still. In even more nerdy news I spent many many hours sorting and boarding and bagging my comics, and that along with my complete run of Impulse arriving means I’ll have something to read and review soon. is giving free shipping to Australian customers. This was also good news and gave me a chance to stock up on some older GNs that aren’t necessarily available on book depository. For those of you not playing from australia, some context. Books and comics are incredibly expensive in Australia. To the point where it is much cheaper for me to buy a book or GN from Amazon (even with shipping)  than it is for me to a book or GN second hand. So I buy online a lot so I can take photos like these:

Nightwing, Gotham Central and Birds of Prey

I spent a little more than 25 pounds

I’m fairly sure that’s the last of Simone’s first run on Birds of Prey that I need to own the complete run, which I’m pretty happy with. I’m less happy that I can’t seem to find the original vol. 1 of Gotham Central, only editions that include Half A Life. Still I now own 4 of the 5 volumes in the version I want so that’s nice.
I do know the Nightwing I bought is terrible, but still it’s Nightwing (and the Dixon run of GNs seem to be out of print).


2 thoughts on “Not the post you were looking for

  1. I think I spotted the original, skinnier version of Gotham Central Vol 1 down at Empire Toys, and it wasn’t too pricey either (about $20, iirc). I just ordered about ten trades from bookdepository, including Gotham Central Vol 1. I’m guessing that mine will be the newer, chunkier one. Really looking forward to reading that series – it’s been on my to-read list ever since I discovered Ed Brubaker via Criminal.

    • Hm. I’ll have to wander down and check it out. I tend not to head to many stores in that direction. Or many physical stores in general I guess.

      Book depository is a little problematic like that. I’ve accidently bought the wrong versions of a few things now, just because it isn’t particularly clear with its listings. Still, its stupidly cheaper.

      The more I read of Rucka and Brubaker the more impressed I am.

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