Post podcast

Woah. So apparently if Gail Simone retweets your podcast your site suddenly starts getting a hell of a lot more hits. So er, hi, new visitors! Feel free to make yourselves at home in the comments section.

It figures that now this site is actually being read by more than just my friends, I don’t really have any material for a useful and significant post to showcase my brilliance and wit. This is because podcasting took up a fair chunk of time and energy and I promised to save talking about Gotham Central for the next one. If all goes well, that is, if Boyfriend ever decides on the other comic we will be reviewing, will be in about a fortnight

So instead, let me relate news that interests me today.

Ars Technica had an article that caught my eye today about a new game, Gotham City Impostors.

Gotham City Impostors logo

Warning: does not appear to be containing all that much Batman

My thoughts on this aren’t particularly meaningful or complicated. I like FPS’s. I like Batman and  I like Gotham City. It’ll have my money and I’ll probably have a fair amount of fun with it, before returning back into another Quake-playing phase. However good it is… it probably won’t manage to replace the game that got me through high school. So that’ll be the cycle.

For the interested, the game website.

The other Bat-game ‘news’ item I came across, is an article with the nerdiest, campiest trailer video I have ever seen. It discusses the development of a game I am actually counting down the days to: Arkham City.

I’m still holding out hope that Nightwing will make an appearance, but for those of us that like nice arse in a game and want it combined with the Arkham Asylum experience, it’s not looking good. I guess I’ll have to stick with DCUO and old comics.


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