Where I declare undying love for Greg Rucka

… Or a more accurate title would probably be: “Episode Two of How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics is out!”

In this episode, we discuss the feedback we received and thank those that recc’ed us to others. News is discussed in the news section, while we still bitch about Flashpoint. I talk about why I haven’t had a chance to read any comics while Chris decides to act like he has taste by talking about Batwoman: Elegy. As for our two main reviews, we discuss the older Gotham Central series and then the Batman: Child of Dreams manga style comic we borrowed from Chris’s friend and fellow warhammer nerd (who incidentally, has amazing painting skills). I hope you all enjoy!

We welcome comments, questions and general feedback! We welcome suggestions on what to review as well!

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I forgot to post about this earlier but How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics is also available through the itunes store and can be subscribed to over here! So free to leave feedback on the itunes store!

Unfortunately I managed to crash and virus up my laptop the other week. So while I have it back up and running, everything has been re-installed, I’ve lost a fair number of unfinished blog posts. So apologies if you were desperately hoping to hear my opinions on the books I’ve been reading lately, it’ll be probably a little while longer before I start pumping out posts again.


2 thoughts on “Where I declare undying love for Greg Rucka

  1. Never apologise.

    The costume blew chunks from a wide variety of points of view and should be ridiculed for all of them. The only way I see Wonder Woman being realistically done as a live-action-set-in-current-day show is to actually boot the costume altogether with the exception of as a form of Themysciran ceremonial garb, then have her wear normal clothes (not armour). The bracers can be covered with long sleeves which could be dramatically shredded when deflecting bullets and the magical lasoo can have one more magical power of being able to transform into a belt when not in forcing people to tell the truth mode.

    Also you can’t discount apes taking over Africa, even now they have to carefully be on the lookout for and burn monkey witches before they cast their spells of domination.

    As for Child of Dreams, I have read a fair bit of Manga and don’t worry it wasn’t just the bad western comic tropes that were rolled out en-mass there. I agree with your points and more I ended up reading it as just the author self inserting not only as the sassy-reporter chick but also as all the crazy fans and as the big bad guy at the end, I can only really find it enjoyable if I pretend the author was just deliberately trolling everyone with fanfic and getting away with it by being famous.

    Another example of that is Alan Moore’s run on Supreme which whilst a decent superman story retelling still only makes sense to me as Moore giving the finger to DC and saying “fuck you I can get away with writing Superman my way and you can’t do dick about it.”

  2. Finally got around to listening to this – great podcast guys! As you know, I thought the first one had some small kinks to work out and I think you’ve done just that. I found the Batwoman Elegy bit interesting (I’m a big fan of Williams’ art from Promethea so I’m very keen to check it out) and the Batman manga review very funny (utility nose!). The big highlight was Gotham Central, though. I recently finished Vol 1 (with both Line of Duty and Half a Life) and really loved it, for many of the reasons you outlined in your review. The way Batman’s presence hangs over the title, particularly through the matter of the MCU’s sense of pride at solving crimes without/before him, makes it a very engaging read, and the “how would real people get by in a world of superheroes and costumed crimefighters” angle, which I’ve always found interesting, is given one of the best treatments I’ve read. I also agree that Montoya’s characterisation in Half a Life was truly exceptional, not to mention Harvey Dent’s. The Police Procedural in a comic book world thing has been done a few times before (Top 10, Powers, etc) but GC certainly ranks amongst the best.

    Really nice work! I look forward to the next installment :)

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