Where life gets in the way of blogging and podcasting

So crazy week for DC fans hey? I do have a few thoughts that I’m trying to iron out into a coherent post, but unfortunately my life has gotten in the way of being able to post this week.

Life has also gotten busy for my fellow podcaster and favourite proof-reader. This means that How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics will be delayed for a week (we were meant to record today) until his university term is finished. On top of this, it means I need to find a new friend to help me with editing and I’m not currently happy to post any of my backlog without it.

There is good news though! We’ve decided to do a live Terracon* edition of How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics! We haven’t worked out any of the details yet, but it’ll hopefully involve a slightly different format to usual (and possibly other people!). This will be an extra special bonus podcast on top of what will hopefully be our normal schedule.

*For context. Terracon is a yearly event where current and former members of my uni’s SF club go down south and rent out half an ex-logging, now tourist village for a weekend of mucking about in the freezing cold. This year people who aren’t me are determined to have some sort of radio set-up going and needed content.


One thought on “Where life gets in the way of blogging and podcasting

  1. The Radio Free Terracon podcast is a great idea – really looking forward to hearing that. I’m also interested in hearing your thoughts on the DC reboot. So far there’s only two things that really bug me (changes to Batgirl plus Xombi getting axed only a few issues into its new run), with 9 or 10 titles I’m cautiously optimistic about, plus I feel like the DCU could use a bit of simplifying, so overall that’s probably a net gain. It’ll be interesting to see how it all pans out, both in terms of how much I enjoy it, as well as how successful it is in a business sense.

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