Kickstarter is magic

Ages ago, I posted about how I’m willing to pour money into anything even vaguely Transmetropolitan related.
So I was pretty happy to have to have this to arrive:

Transmetropolitan: All Around the World artbook.

All Around The World... but mostly in cyberpunk The City everything is fucked Ellis-land.

It’s pretty awesome, basically amounting to a whole pile of sketches, photos, and brief fiction, kinda like a book of a livejournal fan community, only professional and really fucking cool. The book itself and its cover are beautiful and as usual my terrible photography has not captured this. It did get a little dented in one corner in the mail, but I’ve had stuff arrive from the US in much worse condition, so I’m not at all worried about it.

Okay I have to rave about some stuff in it now:  I love the text by Matt Sturges on page 29, I want to sleep with the female Spider on pg 78 and I can’t describe how happy page 119 makes me. I was going to stop there, but then I remembered the page where a vibrator got shot into Spider’s laptop on 108 and I needed to mention this, alongside how I really want a huge poster of pg 132 hanging above my bed. Never have I wanted a poster so much as this, since I discovered a Nicola Scott drawing of Nightwing’s arse.

Fuck, it’s all pretty amazing actually. Those are just the high points for me and no, I don’t fucking care except for those that had the brains to buy the book can understand what I’m talking about.

*coughs* Er, sorry for the raving pile of vomit there. Ellis’s worlds have that effect on me.

So if you were wondering, what I’m posting to say is this: Na-na-na-naa… you wish you were me right now.


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