Excuses, excuses

I’ve been reading a lot recently. Unfortunately for this blog, most of what I’ve read has been in what I’ve been fondly calling my ‘crazy feminist’ phase, which has involved a lot of feminist theory and feminist SF. This is pretty challenging to me, in the sense that it’s feeding my theoretical framework and understandings of the genre and media. As I don’t have a lot of understanding of how to analyse a genre in relation to these theories, let alone provide a decent critical analysis of these theories themselves, it’s led to two things.

  • I have a lot of unfinished reviews sitting here that I’m not comfortable enough with to put on the interwebs. At some stage I’m going to have to re-read them all, but given that I’m currently messing around with the framework I’ve been using to create these reviews, it seems stupid to publish them now if I’m only going to be embarrassed in a month (instead of my usual 2-3 years before I start cringing).
  • I’m not understanding a lot of what I’m reading entirely. It’s good in the sense that being introduced to new ideas, concepts, and imaginings is what I love reading for, but it’s pretty terrible in terms of reviewing. The point of this blog was for me to practice my writing, but also practice the expression of my understanding. So until/unless a new motivation appears, no understanding means no review… or at least a horribly delayed review. This doesn’t include the podcast.

Anyway, English wank aside, if you’re interested in what specific texts I’ve been reading, I’ve created a goodreads account. I’ve found it a lot of fun. The tag and rate system has been working well for me, as it takes the pressure off and means I’m not frantically reading while attempting to think up something clever. The  user interface itself is terrible, but the concept is cool at least.

I’ve also been playing around with tumblr. I don’t understand tumblr in the slightest, but I have friends on it who seem to enjoy posting funny and silly jpegs. Also dcwomenkickingass is awesome, and easier to follow by having an account of my own.

Awhile ago I embarrassed myself on twitter, talking to local lecturer and @JimLee about the Wonder Woman pants issue. Both were cool about me being an idiot, and Lee was cool about me pushing for Superman to be shown in a mankini. Picassowary, a friend of mine who knows how important this idea is to me, adapted an image so we could see how it looked. After reading Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 today it feels appropriate to post.

Superman in a mankini

Invincible heroes don't need armour right? But they do need beer.

So with that final image, I leave you.


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