Rating the DCnU

I’ve finally finished reading most of the new DC titles that I was interested in. I could wank on and on about my opinions, but honestly, you’ll hear most of it anyway if you listen to the podcast, and the internet is already full of opinions.  Instead, I’m just going to rate them in order from most enjoyable to least.  I’ve added some detail with the following key:

*  –   I’ll keep reading or buy the GN when it comes out (as I remain annoyed by buying singles).
B  –   Boring and pointless
S  –   Slow start but has potential
C  –   Confusing
GA  –  Great art
WTFFUCKEDUPSHIT  –  Insanely terrible content that editorial people should be shot over allowing into such a high profile event without realising how bad it makes comics look as a medium and genre

Most at the top:

Wonder Woman #1 (2011)

Diana managing to land herself on top of the shitheap otherwise known as DCnU

  • *Wonder Woman – GA
  • *Batman 
  • Justice League Dark
  • *Batgirl 
  • Demon Knights 
  • *Nightwing – S, GA
  • Fury of Firestorm – C, S
  • Batwoman – C, GA
  • Birds of Prey –  C, S
  • Superboy – S
  • Supergirl – S
  • *Teen Titans – C
  • Static Shock  –  S
  • Stormwatch – C
  • Deathstroke – S
  • Green Lantern New Guardians – B, C
  • Mr Terrific – C, B
  • Swamp Thing –  C, B
  • Superman – B
  • Justice League – B
  • Suicide Squad – B, WTFFUCKEDUPSHIT
  • Red Hood and The Outlaws – WTFFUCKEDUPSHIT

It’s funny, titles mostly wound up at the bottom of this list for being either horribly offensive or just really boring. It’s also quite difficult to rate these things. I mean, there’s plenty of average but decent-enough books that are pretty meh, but how do you rate that against a book that seems incredibly uneven, with terrible plots next to some cute lines or character interactions?  Also, introductions that are also entertaining stories on their own are hard to do well when you basically already know everything about the character. Most of the characters haven’t really changed that much outside of the WTF group.

I’ll probably keep reading Teen Titans, less because it seemed that good: Kid Flash looks awful, though Cassie is at least being given more personality than the girl who crushes on Superboy. I can’t stop laughing at Tim’s swan wings. Seriously? Aside from that, while I can appreciate great artwork on a book, I’m a character-and-plot kind of person, so while terrible art might put me off a book, great art won’t necessarily sell it to me, unless it’s doing something unusual in the comics medium.

It’s pretty awesome seeing Wonder Woman at the top of this list. It’s amazing to see that DC has got at least one thing right, and put her where she belongs.  Shame she doesn’t have a lot to compete with.

One thought on “Rating the DCnU

  1. Let’s face it, WW automatically wins no matter what due to RETRACTABLE PANTS.

    If Wayne Enterprises patented those, there’d be no need for Batman – the company could buy out every villain on Earth with the profits…

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