My Secret Collection

I really like Secret Six. Simone has an amazing writing skill that makes lame characters who I normally wouldn’t care about interesting. It’s also the comic my partner got me to read for our first podcast, which is great fun to make and easily the most successful of my adventures.

For the most part, I’ve been reading as I’ve collected the trade paperbacks; the only exceptions have been the last six issues and the second mini, Six Degrees of Devastation, both of which I had to borrow off a friend. I don’t buy singles* and the final collection hasn’t been released yet, and Six Degrees is out of print and either impossible to find or stupidly expensive.

It’s putting it mildly to say that I was pretty fucking excited to find the final trade I was after sitting in the nearly-behind-the-counter GN section of the CBD’s Elizabeth’s Bookstore. On a side note, some day I will get a picture of this store to show how fucking awkward it is going through the comics sections they have. I’ll also have to get a photo of the top floor of the Fremantle store, you can spend hours going through the $1 and $2 books there, unless a smelly dirty hippie turns up.**

I love Catman's bum-fluff on this cover.

The best bit is that it only cost $18. This may seem like a lot for a second hand comic when I regularly buy trades for less on book depository (the normal price of a GN in Australia seems to be around $25-$35).  However,  looking at ebay (Australia), I was bloody impressed with the deal I got.  The main ebay site isn’t really that much better.  On re-reading the book, my opinion can be summarised with this picture review. So not even my ‘craft day’ friends’ inability to understand the joy and sexiness that is Catman could destroy my enthusiasm for this find.

I’m happy that my collection is nearly complete. It’ll be a first I think, I don’t even have the complete Transmet collection, which is probably the first GN series I feel in love with.

Secret Six except for how there's actually eight (and soon to be nine) collection.

On a final note, for those of you interested in my personal life, I got my first free haircut thanks to my partner’s clippers today. I really hate going to the hairdresser, so getting a decent haircut this way is amazing.

* I have some exceptions: Huntress, Impulse, Robin, Superboy (Kon El) and Young Justice. Basically, stuff I can’t get in trades and really  liked.

** Actually happened to me a few times.


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