DCnU in October

Last month, I did a summary of my opinions on the #1’s released in September. I didn’t really rank them properly, just tried to get a vague order of what I enjoyed – tricky at the best of times, and the whole retelling-the-origin thing made it harder. I felt like I was rating an author on their ability to pitch a story quickly, and their ability to do an origin and ‘quick’ start, rather than quality story telling. Therefore, have another list! Again, vaguely ranked from most enjoyable to least, and again, I can’t be fucked reading all of the #2’s especially given how dreadful some of the #1’s were. But anyway:

Cover of Nightwing single issue 2

I look at this cover and all I can think is "too easy"

Top Tier
  • Batman #2: Amazing, if a little text-heavy.
  • Nightwing #2: This one. Woah. Wow. #1 dealt with the introduction and this dives headfirst into all the fun and games.
  • Wonder Woman #2: Still bitter about the daddy issue, but otherwise awesome.
  • Batgirl #2: Still feeling a bit rushed.
  • Justice League Dark #2: I am REALLY enjoying this. NFI where it is leading though.
  • Batwoman #2: Not bad, just the lack of Rucka is showing.
  • The Fury of Firestorm #2: Every time I read or hear the word ‘terrorism’ in something American I just start to tune out. :/
  • Stormwatch #2: Cheerfully bizarre in a British way. Still not sure on the Apollo and Midnighter thing.
  • Superboy #2: Can’t wait for them to give Superboy some personality here. Rose is awesome though.
  • Demon Knights #2: No idea what’s going on, but it’s fun, so who cares.
  • Birds of Prey #2: Still feels like it’s missing the point of what BoP was.
  • Deathstroke #2: Lots of silly fun and action. It’s not bad, just not really my thing. Very much adolescent-female territory.
  • Teen Titans #2: Some creativity, yet so much lazy shit.
  • Green Lantern – New Guardians #2: Still fucking awful, even my huge crush on Rayner isn’t helping.
  • Green Lantern Corps #2: I didn’t actually mean to read this, and I’m completely regretting it. Not even Guy was cool. :(
Cover of Huntress #1 The DCnU mini

In a wise move, DCnU Huntress is 'No Belly Window' Huntress.

Huntress #1 and #2 are pretty awesome too. It felt wrong to put them on the main list, but if they were they’d be in the top tier, maybe because it’s a mini or maybe because the author and artist had an extra month to get their shit sorted. Either way, much higher quality than the bulk of the other DCnU titles.

So October was, on the whole, a lot more enjoyable in terms of DCnU. This is partly due to the fact that I knew what I wanted to avoid, but also a lot less of the work is choppy or looks like the author just didn’t know the best way to introduce the story. Props have to go to Nightwing for being easily the most improved title. Not that the #1 was bad, I suspect it just erred onto the side of too much introduction, which for Dick fans like myself wasn’t necessary.
For the record, no – I don’t think this just because there was a lot more of Grayson’s arse and flesh on display. I’m a lady that likes plot with her pretty pictures, thank you very much.

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