Podcast Ten: The Wonder Woman

Join Zoe and Chris  as they celebrate their 10th episode by discussing the problem of Wonder Woman and her confused role in popular culture. We also discuss the latest comics-related news, and what we’ve been reading.

The news includes the mention of Anne McCaffrey passing away (via The Mary Sue), a Wonder Woman kickstarter project, an excellent gender-swapped digital mockup of a Nolan-verse Batwoman (again via The Mary Sue). We also comment on rumours of further DCnU changes with Gail Simone leaving Fury of Firestorms.

Chris continues to not read any further literature other than for his assignments and the new 52, where Firestorm,  Green Lantern – New Guardians, Batman, and Nightwing #3 are discussed, as well as Bunker’s introduction in Teen Titans #3. Zoe discusses her continuing obsession with reading anything written by Warren Ellis (this week Global Frequency and JLA: Classifed Maps of Hell) Novelwise she braved YA fiction with Black Ice, and fell in love with the steampunk fiction Palimpsest.

This Wonder Woman special includes discussion of Wonder Woman’s portrayals in various media, as well as her origins, including:

  • Her position in the DCU and DCnU relative to other characters and positions in other stories
  • Greg Rucka’s run on v2 of the Wonder Woman serial. Includes single issues #195-226, GNs Down to Earth, Bitter Rivals, Eyes of Gorgon, Land of the Dead and Mission’s End.
  • Rucka’s standalone project Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia (2002)
  • Simone’s run on Wonder Woman v2 #14 though to44 and v1 #600, GNs The Circle, Ends of the Earth, Rise of the Olympian, Warkiller, Contagion
  • J. Michael Straczynski’s run. Singles v1 #601 to#614 in 2010.  To be fair we didn’t read much of these and went off reviews because it was so terrible.
  • The DCnU run,  Wonder Woman v4 by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang
  • Wonder Woman, the original TV show (we watched the pilot).
  • The failed 2011 Wonder Woman pilot, what went wrong?
  • Xena the Warrior Princess, Wonder Woman of the 90s?
  • A brief mention of the fan-created radio play Wonder Woman: Champion of Themyscira available for free on itunes by Pendant Productions which wasn’t helped by Zoe completely forgetting its name.

… And finally, we love feedback and news tips! To give us your opinions, feel free to leave us a comment, either on this blog or our facebook page. You can twit to @thewolverina or email thewolverina@gmail.com.  If you enjoyed the podcast, leave a comment on our itunes page for us to gain greater exposure. You can also receive notifications for all our podcast updates via all these options.

Thanks guys!


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