Eaten by Steam sale

I only recently got my own Steam account. I’m thewolverina, if you are interested in friending me.

I have been waiting ever since I got the bloody account for the Super ID pack to go on special. I meant to post when I bought it a few days ago and it was still cheap, but ID games and Half-Life 2 (I forgot I now have my own copy) have taken over my brain. Also headcrabs. Arg, headcrabs.

Screencap of the Steam program on my desktop

I like to think Catwoman approves of my game selection

My mother was very anti-gaming, so all these games have nostalgia as well as the lingering thrill of doing something illicit still attached. Ah, the memories! Half of learning how to use computers for me was finding new ways to install Quake II on my mothers desktop without her noticing.


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