The Late Christmas Special Podcast Notes

Posting up our Christmas edition podcast late Christmas Eve. We recorded a week ago but Chris and I have been flat out so editing got left on the wayside.  Listen to Zoe and Chris chat via skype this week, as they discuss comic news, what they’ve been reading, what the best options for comic gifts for friends are,  Christmas comic specials and generally silly comics. Our recommendations discussion makes suggestions for a wide variety of friends, and is much too large to list.


People on tumblring about re-release of No Man’s Land as a complete set of graphic novels, including missing stories.

We have mixed feelings on the new Byran Q Miller Smallville graphic project announced.

Changes to the DCNU roosters:

Greg Rucka talks about reading Warren Ellis’s FreakAngels. Zoe loves, Chris takes the chance to complain about FreakAngels.

Marvel cancelled the last of it’s lady centred comics.

Tiny Titans will be cancelled with #50 in March. :(

“Fanboy Rampage”. Facebook bitchfight between J M Stracksinski, Spiderman’s editor and Dan Slott (current Spiderman writer). Mark Waid also joins in.

The Ray #1 of a miniseries has come out, to fantastic reviews.

What We’ve Been Reading: 

Chris is still keeping up with the new 52 and not alot else.

Zoe talks about the Jane Yolen novel, Jonah Hex GNs, and re-reading Secret Six


… And finally, we love feedback and news tips! To give us your opinions, feel free to leave us a comment, either on this blog post or our facebook page. You can twit to @thewolverina or email  If you enjoyed the podcast, you can even leave a comment on our itunes page. You can also receive notifications for all our podcast updates via all this blog subscription, itunes, facebook or twitter.

Enjoy your holidays guys!


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