Episode 12: Westerns in Comics

Podcast Notes:

In the news we discuss,

  • Cancellation of six DCnU titles: Static Shock, Men of War, OMAC, Hawk and Dove, Mr Terrific and Blackhawks.
  • Replacement six titles: JSA, The Ravagers, World’s Finest, GI Combat, Dial H and Batman Incorporated.
  • nu!Huntress has been confirmed as Helena Wayne.
  • The resurgence of Liefeld. Writing and drawing three books now. Because Hawk and Dove did so well.
  • Thoughts on the new DC logo.
  • New Arrow TV show pitched as a Smallville replacement.
  • Discussion of the upcoming cross-overs being planned.
  • People’s Choice Awards actually voted for Green Lantern.
  • Kickstarter problems, Ashes and the creative split of Alex Di Campi and Jimmy Broxton.
  • The GI Combat backup issues, relaunch of The Unknown Soldier and whether this is a comic that could easily be written while still respecting the serious nature of the first series.

What we’ve been reading:
Chris has been reading Steampunk collections by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer given to him by his (awesome) partner. Otherwise still going through the  New 52,  finding himself unimpressed with the #5s so far. Opinions on  Animal ManSwamp ThingStormwatchBatgirl and Suicide Squad.
Zoe  doesn’t want to discuss the entries for the Aurealis, but has otherwise been reading loads of Le Guin, Russ and Palmer. Enjoyed the hell out of Regalia, which is just as well given her previous adventures involving Eliza Frye.

We finish this week with a light discussion of Westerns in comics, particularly Jonah Hex and All Star Western as they are what Zoe is currently obsessed with.  The awesomeness of Palmiotti and Gray’s writing as well as similarities to Preacher and masculinity in the genre are also discussed.


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