Episode 16: Nightwing and a guest “boyfriend”

Today’s podcast was recorded with the help of a backup boyfriend: my good friend Nathan, who has only recently started reading comics, in part thanks to DC’s reboot.

We discuss the news, including:

  • The Avengers movie, how much money it has made and how it compares to other Marvel movies.
  • Arrow TV show
  • Harley Quinn’s Revenge DLC for Batman: Arkham City
  • Customisable Batman Converse.
Nathan discusses the books he has been reading including The Hunger Games, while Zoe admits to failing as a comics fan, having only read Charles Stross books recently.

The topic for the episode was a post- and pre-DCnU look at Nightwing. Zoe and Nathan discuss the various writers and their writing styles, including Chuck Dixon, Devin Grayson, Peter Tomasi and Kyle Higgins. Themes discussed include the relationships Nightwing has with various characters, his place in the DCU and DCnU as an ex-sidekick, and the lack of duality between Dick Grayson and Nightwing. Artistic and writing differences, and their effect on reader enjoyment, are also mentioned.

Zoe and Nathan discuss the merits of the new writing style and how it blends with the DCnU style, the Night of Owls storyline, and the characterisation in the comics. They are trolled in the show-notes thanks to the regular boyfriend, Chris. The podcast is rounded out with a discussion of sex and sexuality in comics, and Zoe fails to articulate why Nightwing is often considered gay.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 16: Nightwing and a guest “boyfriend”

  1. Just finished listening to the podcast. I think I need to add Nightwing to the list of comics I have to read. Both speakers were interesting and brought their own perspectives on things.

  2. Well, what does this mean for Bruce Wayne and the JLA. Is Batman not going to be in the JLA anymore is that the only place he is going to be or just with the Outsiders? I am glad I dsiocvered Birds of Prey, but I am also glad that I have only collected it in trade paper back format. This is where most of my collecting is going. I am not and can not continue to dish out 4.00$ per book for something that is a third ads. I hope DC reads sites like this, because it is too hard to get something to them otherwise. I can wait for the trade to come out. I just wonder what will happen to the members of Birds of Prey now. Where will they go? Dont expect me to collect it if it comes back as number one. The only reason I started it was because of Black Canary, and I continued it because of Gail Simone. DC needs to get things correct or I wont be collecting anymore. Are you listening DC?

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