Episode 18: The Jetlagged Edition

You’ve guessed it, another round of How I Got My Boyfriend to Read Comics, with the return of Chris, the regular boyfriend! Unfortunately it was very late in the evening for Chris and I was incredibly jetlagged as I’d only been in Seattle a day. This was recorded before Girl Geek Con, I haven’t had a chance to do anything since then.

In comics news we discuss:

What We’ve Been Reading:
Zoe read Little Brother by Cory Doctorow on the plane to USA. She also went shopping in Seattle and bought two Harley Quinn-related trades and also the Deathstroke GN, by Kyle Higgins. Chris hasn’t read anything except his Honours work for ages, but can talk about Bond movies and feminism for ages.

This episode, Chris and Zoe discuss The Dark Knight Rises because neither of them can talk about anything else.  The flaws in the film they discuss include the treatment of Catwoman, Miranda Tate, Bane, as well as the treatments of race and class that are used to provide the setting. The plot and dialogue of the film are also nit-picked over, and while the arguments are spoiler-heavy, and they struggle to define what it is that made the film so goddamn enjoyable, they do agree it was a very good film.

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