Episode 22: Not Wolverine!

The 22nd episode of How I Got My Boyfriend to Read Comics. Please note, due wisdom teeth being removed, there’s about a week delay between the podcast being recorded and posted.

How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics (tiny)

The News

  • Arkham Origins is out! Neither of us own or have played it – probably will soon though. Heard good things.
  • DC Scribblenauts is out. Neither of us own or have played it. Or own a console to play it.
  • Marvel Lego superheroes. Neither of us own or have played it.
  • Look to the XXP girls if you want actual superhero gaming opinions.
  • Zoe joined a beta of a browser game Flight Rising. It is the greatest.
  • DC moving away from New York offices moving mostly west coast. via Bleeding Cool.
  • NYCC was awhile back. There’s gonna be a Batman comic with Stephanie Brown! Again, via Bleeding Cool.

What We’ve Been Reading



  • Heroes for Hire. Was bad. A few seconds of interest then no, badness, boring.
  • Girl Comics was interesting.  Like the write-ups of the previous women.
  • She’s Fantastical edited by Lucy Sussex.
  • A Week in the Future by Catherine Helen Spence. Early suffragette sci-fi available for free as an ebook? Yes please.
  • Discordia by Molly Crabapple and Laurie Penny. Was good.
  • Currently reading Infinite Jest. Because fukken English majors making me feel bad for not.


  • Snuff by Terry Pratchett.
  • The Long Earth by Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.

Not Wolverine

Exploring the Marvel world despite not reading about the best Marvel comic character (Carol Danvers). We decided looking at Wolverine would be too easy, so rather than discuss Hugh Jackman, we’d look at side characters: one of Wolverine’s kids and his clone. Results were mixed.

We looked at the following books for comparison:
X-23: The Killing Dream and Chaos Theory, written by Marjoie Liu;
Dark Wolverine:  The Prince and My Hero, written Marjorie Liu and Daniel Way;
and also Daken: Dark Wolverine vs X-23: Collision was read by Chris.


As always you can send us feedback in several ways. Leave a message on this blog post or on the Facebook page. You can also tweet to @thewolverina or email feedback@wolverina.net. If you enjoyed listening, you can even leave a comment on our iTunes page. You can also receive notifications for all our podcast updates via RSS on the How I Got My Boyfriend To Read Comics homepage.


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