Late Music Thoughts

Okay so woah is this one late. I have a good reason though! It completely isn’t the Guild Wars 2 phase that is sweeping through my house or the insane amount of noise caused by local infrastructure “improvements” occurring in my area, though those haven’t helped.

I’d discovered and been listening to a lot on 8tracks, and decided it’d be fun to make my own for last week’s posts. Sadly I have no idea how these things work and FINALLY SEVERAL DAYS LATER I finished up a playlist. And then I discover I need a WordPress plugin to properly embed it.

And also discovered I can’t set it to show you the tracks until you’ve listened to them.

So anyway. I wanted to do a set list of the women in Australian music I remember hearing growing up, after a conversation with friends where I couldn’t remember any from the 90s (and not much from the early 00s) in alternative music. After a long, drawn out twitter convo and poking and prodding around my early CDs I came up with a playlist. Just remember that I was 12 in 1998 so while I aimed for alternative, it’s very pop in places.

Yeah. That’s a picture of me in 1991.

The original idea was that in about six months I’d do a second extra playlist after going through and researching. But frankly, unless the design of the site improves, it’s unlikely to happen. Because it is that bad, I’ve copied the track list across to here, though annotations are only on 8tracks.

  1. So Rude, Rebecca’s Empire [video]
  2. Down Again, The Superjesus [video]
  3. Don’t You Know Who I Am? Happyland [article]
  4. Dirty Jeans, Magic Dirt [video]
  5. Live Without It, Killing Heidi [live]
  6. Next Time, Marie Wilson
  7. Naughty, Skulker [video]
  8. Goosh, Spiderbait [live]
  9. Have a Look, Vanessa Amorosi [video]
  10. Did It Again, Kylie Minogue [video]
  11. I Go Off, Diana Ah Naid [video]

And for those of you that would just like an embedded youtube clip, have a woman being awesome with a guitar in with sheds, utes, highways and 90s sunnies.

Next fortnight, back to normal. This was much too stressful.


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