About me!

I am a mid-20s Australian who recently finished university with a BA. I now find I have too much time on my hands and have been using this time to read books and comics. When I am tired of those I play silly video games and watch movies. Sometimes I even remember to work on my knitting cross-stitch and garden.

In comics, I prefer DC over marvel, Batman over Superman, Warren Ellis over Grant Morrison and Tim Drake over Damian Wayne. My favourite comics include Transmetropolitan and Young Justice and any title starting in Bat.

In books, I read across a wide range of genres. My favourite moment reading was an old beaten up secondhand paperback of Diamond Age in torn jeans listening to the Sex Pistols and waiting in my local welfare office. I enjoy most sorts of SF, I’m sick of romantic authors, Shakespeare is a pretty cool dude and the Victorian period had some pretty cool shit. Odds are if it’s near me long enough I’ll get bored and read it.

As for things about me that are less to do with this blog, but may be mentioned, have a list of nouns and adjectives, various people have described me as: Angry. Geek. Stingey. Poor. Vegetarian. Punk. Motorcyclist. Bogan. Eccentric. Tomboy. Crazy cat lady. Fangirl.

Verbs and hobbies I enjoy include: motorcycles, driving, gardening, knitting, IRC, cross-stitch, gaming, reading, writing, ranting, swearing and Metallica. Okay that last one isn’t a verb or a hobby, but it is a way of life. :P